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What are the rings made from?

Blue Rings are hand-crafted for you out of a lightweight silicone that’s hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and durable. This versatile ring is meant to move with and endure any lifestyle. We wear ours scuba diving, running, rock climbing, and doing plenty of other things a ring made of most other materials couldn’t handle.

Funding submarine research

The first project to be funded by Blue Ring are two 1,000-meter, dual classed submersibles. The reason behind this choice boils down to a single quote: “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.”

These words were spoken by Senegalese environmentalist, Baba Dioum, in 1968 in reference to agricultural development and natural resource management, but they are no less pertinent now when considering the state of our world ocean. These submersibles will exist solely for ocean exploration.

Hope spots

These submersibles will be symbols of hope, dedicated to exploring and documenting uncharted waters — while providing news and data about human impact. They will also visit established and proposed Hope Spots, created by Dr. Earle.

Hope Spots are special areas of the ocean that need to be aggressively protected due to their unique and/or particularly important features that are crucial to maintaining the health of our seas. By establishing and defending these Hope Spots we’re providing the ocean and its many inhabitants a chance to rest and recover in a safe place that is off limits to destructive human activities.

These protected areas may be hot spots of unprecedented biodiversity or locations that are home to rare and unfamiliar habitats. They may represent warm pristine reefs found throughout the Coral Triangle or the vastly undiscovered depths of the Gakkel Ridge’s hydrothermal vents.

Some Hope Spots are already marine protected areas (MPAs) and others are being discovered, but all are places where conservation, research, and sustainable development must interconnect to preserve them for the future. Conscientiously managing our ocean’s health requires a unified global effort centered around the continued establishment and unwavering protection of a growing number of these Hope Spots.

Our oceans

When we think of the ocean, we envision sunlit reefs filled with healthy corals and plentiful, vibrant fishes swimming in brilliantly blue, tropical waters. Ecosystems like this compose less than 1% of the Earth’s surface and under 2% of the ocean floor.

The vast majority of the ocean exists beneath the photic zone and thrives without sunlight. The creation and operation of two Ocean Explorer submarines capable of descending to 1,000 meters will shed light on the endless mysteries and discoveries hidden in the darkest recesses of our alien, deep sea.

The sustained health of our world’s waters and the future of life depends on our ability to understand the processes occurring in and creatures inhabiting the deep sea.

Help fund the construction of the Ocean Explorer DOER HOV 1,000m subs by joining Blue Ring. Join us in an unparalleled mission to explore the unknown and protect our collective future on this beautiful blue marble we are lucky enough to call home.