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To raise awareness, Blue Ring reaches people through a variety of media.

ABC News Footage 3:49

Underwater photographer raises ocean awareness ahead of World Ocean Day

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Dive Photo Guide

Marry the Ocean and Support Ocean Conservation with Blue Ring, Inc.

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WGN Radio 21:02

Shedd Marine Biologist, Alex Rose: Shark Week!

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Voyage Chicago

Meet Alex Rose of Blue Ring

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Deeper Blue

Single or not, You can MERY the Ocean

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Get Merried To The Ocean With Blue Ring

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Ocean Geographic

Mery the Ocean

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Chicago Tribune

Woodridge native encourages ocean conservation with launch of “Blue Ring” on World Ocean’s Day

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Glancer Magazine

CARING + SHARING | Area Resident Creates Blue Ring Campaign

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Design by Nature

With our love for circles and colors, Alex Rose, founder of Blue Ring, is a perfect fit for a featured guest spotlight on Circle of Colors!

Recently returning from The Ocean Conference at the United Nations in New York to reverse the decline in the health of our ocean for people, planet and prosperity, be inspired to learn more and become part of a network to fund globally important ocean exploration and conservation projects by joining Blue Ring!

We did!

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Magazine for Women

Band Together to Conserve the Ocean with Alex Rose and Blue Ring

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